Selected Website Listings

Senator Portrait Project, 1.2698763?pmSlide=1.2700029, 2017

Marisa Crawford, Bloodlines: No Wave Performance Task Force’s PERIOD PIECE Traces the of Lineage Menstrual Art,, 10 December, 2015.

Marisa Crawford, We Wish Ana Mendiata Was Still Alive, andre-retrospective/, 10 March, 2015.

Alaina Stamatis, You Don’t Have To Go,, 7 September, 2012.

Books and Catalogues

INSTITUTION IS A VERB: A Panoply Performance Lab Compendium 2012-2018, Editors: Esther Neff (PPL founder), Ayana Evans, Tsedaye Makonnen, Elizabeth Lamb, Operating System, 2021.

F*ck U! In the Most Loving Way, Exhibition Catalogue, compiled by Northern California Caucus for Women’s Art, Karen Gutfreund, ed. 1 September 2017.

Methods, A Catalogue of Birth Control Ads by Women Artists, edited by Erin Knutson and Ria Roberts, Leisure Press, 2014.

HAG Presents: Vanitas, Zine, Panoply Performance Laboratory, Brooklyn, New York, 2013.

The Way We Live Now, Exhibition Publication, edited by Shirley Irons, Theresa Luisotti Gallery, Santa Monica, 2013.

Cohen, David. “Seed Project,” ArtWorld Digest, Brooklyn, New York, 2007.

Cohen, David. "unAmbiguous", ArtWorld Digest, Brooklyn, New York, March 2006.

Generations Exhibition Catalogue, forward by Joan Backes, New Bedford Art Museum, 1997.

Gerz, Jochen. Anthology of Art: Art and Theory in Dialogue. Germany: Dumont; France: Actes Sud, 2004.

Ladylike: A Collection of Writings on Feminism and Feminist Art, forward by Amy Talluto Donelson and Amy Finkbeiner, Naked Duck Gallery, 2005.

Articles and Reviews

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