Curated by Barbara Zucker

January 5 – February 4, 2018
Opening Reception: Friday, January 5, 6-8PM
Participating Artists:
Adrienne Jenkins, Alexander Bernon, Amy Cannestra, Amy Finkbeiner, Anne Ferrer, Audrey Anastasi, Bernadette Despujols, Cali Kurlan, Catherine Hall & Meg Lipke, Charlotte Woolf, Christophe Lima, Coco Hall, Cristin Millet, Cynthia Winika, d’Anne de Simone, Dani Sigler, Danielle Siegelbaum, Deborah Wasserman, Devra Fox, Divine Williams, Dottie Attie, Elaine Angelopoulos, Elke Solomon, Ellen Jong, Eugenia Pigassiou, Gina Randazzo, Grace Burney, Greta Young, Heather Saunders & Cassandra, Heather Weathers, Ilona Granet, Indira Cesarine, Irene Gennaro, Jane Zweibel, Jessica Nissen, Julia Kim Smith, Julia Buck, Justine Walker, Karen Meersohn, Kathy Grove, Katrina Majkut, Lannie Hart, Leslie Fry, Leslie Tucker, Megan Pickering, Marie Tomanova, Martha Edelheit, Martha Fleming-Ives, Maureen Connor, Mira Schor, Nadine Faraj, Nancy Hellebrand, Nancy Lasar, Nina Meledandri, Parastoo Ahoon, Pat Lasch, Perri Nerri, Rachel Lindsay, Rachel Portesi, Robin Adsit, Robin Jordan, Robin Tewes, Rosemary Meza-DesPlas, Ruth Owens, Sabra Moore, Sooyeon Yun, Susan Carr, Valerie Hallier, Virginia Carey, Yael Ben-Zion.

Public Programs: 

January 6, 1 pmThe Beginning Choice, performance by Parastoo Ahoon
January 7, 2-5 pmWith Women Workshop: Reproductive Self Determination and Autonomous  Women’s Health-Care, Maureen Connor and others.
January 12, 19, and 25, 2-6 pmYour Story, readers will read from personal abortion stories submitted to the gallery
The 5th edition of CURRENTS presents an exhibition in which artists respond to the theme of ABORTION. In this turbulent moment in history, abortion remains a signifier of people's ownership over their bodies, being as urgent a subject as any of the issues that now consume us.
The exhibition includes depictions of choice, loss, and anger; works of fecundity, disease, shame, and pain; images of helplessness and of power. There are pieces that reach into the past to demonstrate ways in which women used abortifacients, as well as work that is pro life and religious. All these propositions are united in the gallery to create a space in which we listen to each other. 

FAIR Play. at Art Basel Miami Beach

An alternative non-commercial art fair; a platform for a diverse and multigenerational group of women artists, Fair. seeks to address gender inequality in the art world and beyond by providing space for radical womenartists to create site-specific interventions in a non-traditional venue.
Fair. intervenes and activates public spaces throughout Downtown Miami’s first shopping mall, Brickell City Centre, and will run concurrently with Art Basel Miami Beach from December 7-10, 2017.
Co-curated by Zoe Lukov and Anthony Spinello.
Fair. is generously supported by Swire Properties Inc., one of South Florida’s leading international developers and visionary behind Brickell City Centre and in partnership with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.
Fair. is produced by Spinello Projects.

Fair Play. is the video sector curated by Micol Hebron and presented in partnership with CMX Cinemas, which will feature The Femmes’ Video Art Festival projected onto the large-scale LED viewing screen. Founded in 2015, the Femmes’ Video Art Festival includes not just women artists, but femme, gender nonconforming, genderqueer, and nonbinary artists as well. The selection of videos in Fair Play. is intended to foster an expansive conversation about gender, authorship, identity, and identity expression and representation. From #MeToo to #NotYou, Fair Play. aims to provide space for the voices of artists working in video who have heretofore been marginalized by cis-hetero identity norms. Fair Play. includes the special participation of YoungArts alumni.


SANCTUARY: Protest Party Art Benefit

Please join us on Saturday, October 21st, for some consciousness-and-fund-raising: an evening of performances, installations, food, drink, a raffle with fabulous prizes, and a sale of gorgeous art work to benefit Make the Road NY, a network of courageous folx who stand up for immigrant and working class communities, communities of color, and LGBTQIA people. Check out their website:
We firmly believe that getting together for a minute in support 
of a good cause, to commune with all our hearts and souls 
and make new alliances, is an affirming, energizing, and healing protest action. 100% of proceeds from this event will go to Make the Road NY. Come join us.

SANCTUARY: Protest Party Art Benefit for Make the Road NY
at The Park Church Co-op 
129 Russell Street, Brooklyn, 11222
Curated by Anne Spurgeon and Amy Finkbeiner

Saturday, October 21st 
5:00 PM Preview of artworks in benefit sale
--All works will be priced at $100 or less-- 
6:00 PM Benefit sale and Protest Partying commence!
8:00 - 10:00 PM Performances in church sanctuary, featuring 
Trumpet Grrrl, Hector Canonge, Sierra Ortega, Simone Johnson, Theo Baer, and Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow
Installations by Gil Riley featuring Mar Zar, and others
11:00 PM Event winds down

Sunday, October 22nd
1:00 - 4:00 PM Panel Discussion

Follow us on Instagram We'll be previewing artworks for sale and our line-up of performance and installation artists!

The Reliquarian Is: IN

Authentic, Powerful, One-Of-A-Kind Devotional Items Of All Sorts Created While-U-Wait
Or Bring Your Own Relic For Re-purposing As A Wearable Amulet or Purse-Or-Pocket-Sized Talisman
Appraisals Done On Site (Effectiveness Only; Sorry, No Carbon-Dating Available)
1:00–9:00p Saturday, Sept 27, 2014 (scroll down for pictures)


Methods: A catalog of speculative birth control ads made by female artists and designers. 

Few other daily choices carry as much responsibility—physically and politically—as our methods of birth control. Consistently we find that birth control ads exist somewhere between anti-psychotic and yogurt ads in their tone. Methods is an opportunity for artists to investigate some other possibilities or comment on the status quo.

The publication is being organized by Erin Knutson and Ria Roberts and will make its debut at the Important Projects booth at the Material Art Fair in Mexico City Feb. 6—9.

"A 'Womanhouse' or a Roaming House? 'A Room of One's Own' Today"

"A 'Womanhouse' or a Roaming House? 'A Room of One's Own' Today," curated by Mira Schor, A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn
January 9 – February 2, 2014
Opening Reception: Thursday, January 9, 2014, 6-9pm
Video Screening: Saturday, January, 18th, 2014, 3-5:30pm
Panel Discussion: Saturday, February 1st 2014, 4-6pm
A 'Womanhouse' or a Roaming House? 'A Room of One's Own' Today revisits the requisite territory for artistic production by women visual artists suggested by Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own and articulated at Womanhouse in Los Angeles in 1972. As many around the world are considering reviving the model of the commons as an alternative to global capitalism’s privatization of the social, and as local geographies compete with global identities, this exhibition considers the following questions: What is the room today? Who occupies it? What is the space necessary for an artist to make art in and for whom? Rather than a “Womanhouse” ought we now envision a Rooming House or a Roaming House?
About the Curator: Mira Schor is a painter and writer living in New York. She focuses on gendered chronicles in representations of the body and language, as well as storytelling and autobiography within the political field. She is the author of the books, A Decade of Negative Thinking: Essays on Art, Politics, and Daily Life, and, Wet: On Painting, Feminism, and Art Culture. She is also featured in several online publications, including her blog, “A Year of Positive Thinking,” and, “M/E/A/N/I/N/G,” which Schor authors and co-edits with Susan Bee. Mira Schor has been the recipient of awards in painting from the Guggenheim, Marie Walsh Sharpe, and Pollock-Krasner Foundations, as well as the College Art Association's Frank Jewett Mather Award for Art Criticism and a Creative Capital/ Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant.
Artists Exhibiting: Irina Arnaut, Sharon Louise Barnes, Kimberly Brooks, Pauline Chernichaw, Jacintha Clark, Marcia Cooper, Laura Crosby, Amy Finkbeiner, Parisa Ghaderi, Marita Gootee, Marcie Hancock, Nancy Grace Horton, Sara Jimenez, Jeanne Jo, Natanya Khashan, Alex McQuilkin, Lucy Meskill, Megan Mette, Dawn Nye, Kalena Patton, Dominique Paul, Katrazyna Randall, Kaitlynn Redell, Kara Rooney, Caitlin Rueter, Julie Schenkelberg, Hayley Severns, Virginia Claire Sprance, M. Louise Stanley, Evelin Stermitz, Robin Tewes, Gwenn Thomas, Marianne Van Den Bergh, Rebecca Volinsky, Angela Voulgarelis, Jen Waters, Sasha Wortzel, Jayoung Yoon, Nancy Youdelman, Lu Zhang
To see the press release for this exhibition, please CLICK HERE.


"Alias@Konstkonsulent," curated on Instagram by Johanna Bystrom-Sims with Konstkonsulenterna i Sverige, Västerås, Sweden

Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival

The Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival (BIPAF) is conceived of and formally constructed as a mass performance.
Taking place across 11 spaces in Brooklyn and involving over 150 artists from all over the world, BIPAF is posited as a form of “constructive institutional critique” by its artist-organizers, as demonstration against the increasing capitallization of performance art, as a self-analysis of the current performance art resurgence and index of the discipline, and as an attempt to relationally construct new economic and social contexts for performance art.


Date: Wednesday, 9 May 2012, 8–9:30 pm

Cabinet, 300 Nevins Street, Brooklyn
LAXART, 2640 S. La Cienega, Los Angeles

Organized by the Skowhegan Alliance

The Skowhegan Alliance, Cabinet, and LAXART are pleased to present “The Double,” a bicoastal screening of video works by Skowhegan alumni spanning nearly fifteen years.

The double is primarily a visual phenomenon, making video a natural medium for its exploration. The earliest silent films recognized the doubling inherent in images, investigating notions of an uncanny second self in films such as the The Golem and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Through doubling or mirroring, one is confronted with the illusory character of wholeness, with the dispersion of the self, and, perhaps, with revelations of repressed fears and desires. The double can also represent an alter ego, a copy or forgery, or a false twin or doppelgänger. However, doubles are not exclusively physical in a bodily sense. Doubling is also present in the medium’s mode of production, reminding us that the replication and dissemination of image is a physical process as well. The absence of an original and the multiplication embodied by the double are exemplified in this event through bicoastal screenings of “The Double” at LAXART in Los Angeles and at Cabinet in New York.

The program features works by:
Mike Calway-Fagen ’11
Jonathan Ehrenberg ’11
Amy Finkbeiner ’01
Victoria Fu ’06
Meredith James ’11
Andrew Ellis Johnson ’99
Siobhan Landry ’11
Sarah Lasley ’04
Dan Levenson ’09
Ann Oren ’09
Chris Sollars ’98
Cheryl Yun ’03
Bryan Zanisnik ’08


Skowhegan, an intensive nine-week summer residency program for emerging visual artists established in 1946, seeks each year to bring together a gifted and diverse group of individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to art making and inquiry to create the most stimulating and rigorous environment possible for a concentrated period of artistic creation, interaction, and growth. The Skowhegan Alliance, a committee of Skowhegan alumni, supports Skowhegan's mission and the notion of community it fosters by organizing programs and events for alumni and the broader Skowhegan community.

Beer for this event has been lovingly provided by Brooklyn Brewery.
Cabinet is a non-profit organization supported by the Lambent Foundation Fund of Tides Foundation, the Orphiflamme Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York Council on the Arts, the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and the Katchadourian Family Foundation. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation.

© 2012 Cabinet Magazine


QMAD, Queens Media Arts Development is pleased to present ITINERANT, the annual festival for Contemporary Performance Art initiated by artist, Hector Canonge in Queens in 2011. This year’s festival is a citywide program to be presented in collaboration with galleries, artist-run spaces and public institutions in the five boroughs in New York City. ITINERANT 2012 focuses on live performative works that treat notions of intimacy, self-reflection, and introspection. Artists working in performance art were selected to participate from an open call that attracted more than 175 local, national and international submissions. Forty five artists will present new and existing works exploring the program’s theme over a period of five weeks, March 30 - May 12, 2012.

Participating artists:
Maria Fernanda Alves da Silva, BabySkinGlove, Michael Barrett , Chloe Bass, Thomas Bell, Anya Liftig & Christina deRoos, Cynthia Berkshire, Jessica Bonenfant, Camila Cañeque , Bryon Carr, John Cichon, Irene Chan, Christen Diane Clifford, Christine Ferrera, Amy Finkbeiner, Carlos Gonzalez, Jil Guyon, Ian Hatcher, Kanene Holder, Whitney V. Hunter, Maria Hupfield, Maya Jeffereis, Marie Christine Katz, Sarah Kipp, Jia-Jen Lin & Yung-Li Chen, LuLu LoLo, Stiven Luka, Nadja Marcin, Rosalind Murray, Zavé Martohardjono, Alex Nathanson & Dylan Neely, Ioanna Neofytou & Klitoras Charalampopoulos, Nancy Nowacek, Panoply Performance Laboratory, Diana Pettersen, Miles Pflanz, Anthony Romero & Marissa Perel, Lizzie Scott, Negin Sharifzadeh, Priscilla Stadler, Alaina Stamatis, Chris Udemezue, Genevieve White, and Jess Whittam & Lorelei Ramirez.

Dates and Venues:
(Featuring different artists)
- Friday, March 30, 8 – 11 pm at Grace Exhibition Space - Brooklyn.
- Saturday, April 21, 6 – 9 pm at Crossing Art Gallery - Queens.
- Saturday, April 28, 7 – 10 pm at Floor 4 Art - Manhattan.
- Sunday, April 29, 6 - 9 pm at Bronx Art Space - Bronx.
- Saturday, May 5, 6 - 8 pm at Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art - Staten Island.

Outdoor Performances:
(Made possible in collaboration with the office of Council Member Daniel Dromm)

- Every Friday, April 6th - May 4th, 3 - 6 PM Public Actions at 37th Road Pedestrian Plaza - Jackson Heights, Queens.

- Saturday, May 12th, 3 - 6 PM Outdoor Performances at 37th Road Pedestrian Plaza - Jackson Heights, Queens.

About the project:
QMAD, Queens Media Arts Development, is under the direction of artist, Hector Canonge, who launched ITINERANT in Queens in 2011. Canonge explains that ITINERANT is “the first program for performance art in this borough,” and that he “wants to introduce audiences to this art form as well as to create dialogue and exchange among artists coming from all over to the festival." ITINERANT started as a mini-festival with handful of local artists presenting their live performances at Crossing Art Gallery. For 2012, Canonge wanted to replicate his unique initiative but in larger scale; a citywide program featuring different artists at different venues in the five borogouhs in New York City. Canonge comments that "organizing the program has been an incredible challenge, and that [his] collaboration with art institutions, organizations, galleries, and artist-run spaces in the five boroughs a fulfilling experience." QMAD, under the leadership of Canonge, presents the monthly LGBT film series CINEMAROSA, the annual program Framing AIDS, and the monthly art series A-Lab Forum.

OnView: 305VanBrunt: "I'm done hoping. Work is Sacred".

This window installation of relics and ritual objects is on view until May 31st.
Click the link above for facebook page with photos and directions.

OnView: 305VanBrunt
305 Van Brunt Street, near King Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231


"The West at Sunset"

Curator: Adrian Geraldo Saldaña
Abrons Arts Center
466 Grand Street
New York, NY

Gallery hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 11am-6pm

Exhibition dates: December 9, 2010 – February 20, 2011
Opening Reception: Thursday, December 9 | 6-8pm
Public Programming event: "It’s You Today," Saturday, January 29 | 2-9pm

Public programming in conjunction with "The West at Sunset" exhibit:
Saturday, January 29, 2011 | 2-9pm
Performance by Rachel Pollak, All Together Now (2010)
Performance by Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff, Whale Lore (2010)
Video screening by Amy Finkbeiner, Just Eat It, To Prove Your Love (2008)
Film screening of The Holy Mountain (Dir. Alejandro Jodorowsky, 1973)
Full schedule TBD

The Abrons Arts Center is proud to present "The West at Sunset", a multidisciplinary group exhibition in response to a masterwork of spiritual literature, Rene Daumal’s 1952 novel Mount Analogue.

Jaq Belcher
Alberto Borea
Amy Finkbeiner
MaryKate Maher
Rachel Pollak
Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff
Adam Parker Smith
Panos Tsagaris

Mount Analogue, a surrealist allegory of an expedition to the top of a holy mountain, garnered Daumal considerable recognition in France as a poet and student of mysticism. Unfinished due to his death from tuberculosis, the text notably provided the premise for Alejandro Jodorowsky’s 1973 film The Holy Mountain. "The West at Sunset" displays, in works installed throughout the Abrons Arts Center’s multiple gallery spaces, the imagined remnants of this journey.

The concept of the mountain climb appealed to Daumal because, like his vision of spirituality, it involves both transcendent impulses and practical considerations. The novel, and the exhibition, seeks the possibility of holy sparks, but embedded in the world of matter—physical bodies, topographies and landscapes, water and air. The exhibition brings together a group of contemporary artists whose practice considers our perception of space and geography with a second group whose forms and concepts depict ritualized human behavior.

The title of the exhibition refers to the particular alignment of the travelers’ ship that allows it to access the mountain, bridging the invisible and material worlds. Multiple installations in the exhibition are likewise modified by the shadows and the light created by the changing position of the sun, forging a living environment that shifts from day to night and back again. Taken as a whole, The West at Sunset explores and finally confirms the spiritual and transcendent potential of human behavior within the natural world.

Adam Parker Smith’s site-specific installation of white golf umbrellas, Umbrella Cloud, creates an environment of smoke, clouds, and mist. Evoking the elements found at the summit of Mount Analogue, it imagines a climax to the unfinished novel. The eleven conjoined wooden ladders that create And There Was Evening, And There Was Morning by Rachel Pollak surrender their load-bearing histories to the whole, forging a new mountainous landscape suggestive of pilgrimages to come. Lacking a uniform peak, the work exists as a monument to a journey in process. Drawings from Pollak’s series Delectable Mountains harness the inspiration from the communal rituals and patterns of everyday life.

The pieces Transition and Ascending by Jaq Belcher contain delicate, almost invisible blade cuts made on a single expanse of white paper. A third work, 14,695 moments in time , exists as a “time pile” - a collection of hand-cut paper seeds representing every day of the artist’s life up to the opening of the exhibit, December 9, 2010. Apareces is a one-channel video projection by Alberto Borea, documenting himself climbing a Peruvian mountain - a study of loneliness and spiritual longing.

MaryKate Maher transmutes common and basic elements into totems of greater significance. Mountains, charred wood, and splintered branches - all unite into greasy, ashen forms as fragments of a landscape that tells a larger story of destruction and transformation. Whale Lore is a guided imagery program and audio piece by Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff developed out of research the study of whale acoustics and the ability of whales to traverse unimaginable vertical distances in the ocean. In his performative workshop, the artist serves as a spiritual guide as participants listen to the audio program, navigating the vastness of the ocean and mapping a pathway in the dark, empty waters.

Panos Tsagaris uses the projection of light and geometric angles to create mystical images from diverse religious traditions and spiritual phenomena. The photographic diptych Initiations - Studies III exercise the ideas of emerging light, the Eye of Providence and symbolism of the sun. Moving between many different mediums, Amy Finkbeiner uses religious and devotional imagery to evoke a palpable sense of longing by the entranced mystics and saints of medieval times. In the sculptures Within My Breast and Cat-O-Nine Tails self-flagellation and martyrdom explore and surpass the limits of the body, conjuring an ecstatic state simultaneously religious and erotic.


Secrets are impossible here

"Secrets are impossible here"

drawings, objects
& an installation of relics

Curated by Clover Archer Lyle

September 1 - October 2, 2009

Artist's Talk with reception to follow
Thursday, October 1, 5:30 pm
Room 218, Wilson Hall

Wilson Hall, Art Department
Lykes Atrium and Third Floor Display Cases
Washington & Lee University
Lexington, VA 24450

Moving between many different mediums, Amy Finkbeiner uses devotional imagery to evoke a palpable sense of longing. "Secrets are impossible here," which will be exhibited in the Art Department's ancillary spaces and display cases, features wall drawings, mounted sculptures and an installation of objects, images, and texts which all refer to relics or shrines.

Amy Finkbeiner will be exhibiting her work from September 1 - October 2. She will also be a Visiting Artist in the Art Department September 30 - October 2 during which time she will work with senior art majors to give studio visits and advise on their thesis projects. She will give a public artist's talk on Thursday, October 1 at 5:30pm in Room 2018 of Wilson Hall.

Artist residencies in the Art Department are made possible by the generous support of the William Hollis Visiting Artist Fund.

Leave Me, Desire at Invisible NYC

Amy Finkbeiner: Leave Me, Desire

Drawing Installation

Opening Reception Thursday, January 29, 7:00 p.m.
January 29 - February 28, 2009

Invisible NYC
148 Orchard Street, between Stanton and Rivington
New York, NY 10002
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